AeroBarrier is the solution for air sealing both new construction and renovations. 


Multi-family projects that incorporate AeroBarrier typically qualify for massive rebates, often covering 90-100% of the cost.

Remove the guesswork out of rebates. With our award-winning process, simply tell us how airtight you want the building and we deliver spot-on results. We’ll even work with an energy rater to handle the rebate paperwork for you.



AeroBarrier is one solution that satisfies a whole set of Energy Star requirements, including 16 items in the Thermal Enclosure System category.


Sealed Tight: AeroBarrier self-guides to all of the air leaks in the building and seals gaps as large as 1/2 inch, and as small as a human hair. It puts a gasket around outlets, can lights, and wires.

Compartmentalize: Since we seal each individual unit, AeroBarrier helps prevent sound, smell, and energy sharing between units. This boosts occupancy comfort and leads to long-term tenants who love their homes.


With AeroBarrier you provide a more comfortable experience for your homeowners, so that they fall in love with their home and never want to leave. 


Consistent temperatures in the whole unit. No more hot or cold spots from air leaks


 Plugging the air leaks means stopping any odor sharing between units


Stifles sound from traveling through the wall cavity and unsealed seams or gaps

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Case Study: Highrise Apartments

AeroBarrier was brought into the Perch Manhattan project by the architect, New York-based Chris Benedict.

Benedict, a recognized pioneer in energy efficient building, understands that effectively sealing between apartments is critical for maximum energy efficiency, as well as ensuring high indoor air quality and limiting the migration of bugs, smoke, noise and other common tenant discomforts.


Number of Units

Avg. Square Footage


Avg. Leakage Reduction

“It was blowing people’s minds–mostly because …compartmentalization in a multi-family building under construction is typically a very difficult, time consuming task.”

Chris Benedict, R.A.

Architect, CBRA

With the building nearing completion, Benedict and her team brought in AeroBarrier after final drywall had been installed.

With AeroBarrier’s single-step, computerized process, the technicians dialed-in the desired air tightness and went unit-to-unit, sealing each one. It took the AeroBarrier team just eight days to compartmentally seal all 34 units.

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