An airtight home is a healthy home. Pristine inside air, all-the-time. A tight home means enjoying green air inside when it’s red air outside.

Remove the guesswork out of rebates. With our award-winning process, simply tell us how airtight you want the building and we deliver spot-on results. We’ll even work with an energy rater to handle the rebate paperwork for you.

“A Game Changer for Airtight Construction”

Ted Cushman

Sr. Editor, Journal of Light Construction

“AeroBarrier would be penny wise and pound foolish. It’s just one less thing to worry about.”

Patrick McCombe

Senior Editor, Fine Home Building

“The Promise of AeroBarrier for Air Sealing Homes”

Peter Yost

Technical Director, Green Building Advisor


Sealed Tight: AeroBarrier self-guides to all of the air leaks in the building and seals gaps as large as 1/2 inch, and as small as a human hair. It puts a gasket around outlets, can lights, and wires.

Compartmentalize: Since we seal each individual unit, AeroBarrier helps prevent sound, smell, and energy sharing between units. This boosts occupancy comfort and leads to long-term tenants who love their homes.

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Case Studies

Builder Spotlight: Weber State Solar Decathlon Finalists

I pulled up to Weber State's net-zero home and saw Jeremy Farner, Associate Professor of Construction and Building Sciences, and his son, Scout, tinkering with some blocks of wood. I got out of the car and as I approached I expected the father and son to notice my...

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Builder Spotlight: Big Canyon Homes

Builder Spotlight: Big Canyon Homes

Home With a View A few weeks ago we drove the AeroBarrier trailer up Parley’s Canyon and made our way to the secluded mountain subdivision of The Preserve. After climbing even more elevation, we arrived at the construction site of a striking custom home being built by...

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