From the Journal of Light Construction

Industry experts are quick to point out the power of AeroBarrier to transform the construction industry, bringing passive house air standards to any and every builder. The Journal of Light Construction lauds the innovative product, and explores the implications of AeroBarrier on the whole construction industry.

“It’s rare for one innovation to transform a whole industry. But a new air-sealing technology called AeroBarrier may be poised to do exactly that for energy-efficient homebuilding in the United States.

“In a time when production builders are struggling to make their houses airtight enough to meet the 3 or 5 ACH50 requirement in the latest energy codes, Aero­Barrier, a simple system that blows a fog of caulk into the house while a blower door puts the building under pressure, has demonstrated the ability to bring a building from 15 air changes an hour down to less than one—in just a few hours and at a cost of around $1,000 per house…”