The Zero Energy Project, a non-profit educational organization, featured an article about AeroBarrier recognizing the groundbreaking technology.

“Air sealing,” the article points out, “is generally considered one of the most cost-effective ways to reduce energy use in buildings. That’s why advanced air sealing is an essential element of zero energy homes.

“There’s a new approach that may change the nature of the air sealing process and transform it from an art to a science. Aerobarrier is an aerosol sealant that fills all gaps less than ½-inch in just a few hours. The process uses a blower door to pressurize the building and automated sprayers to create a fog of acrylic sealant inside the building. As this fog travels along the air leakage pathways, it passes through the gaps in the building envelope, where it accumulates on the edges of the openings. After a few hours, the sealant fills all the gaps. Best of all, you can dial in a specific level of air tightness to meet a specific energy performance goal.”

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