AeroBarrier makes compartimentalization possible for apartment buildings, as Medium explores in a recent article.

From the article: “For New York-based architect Chris Benedict, compartmentalization is the holy grail of apartment building design. As a recognized pioneer in energy efficient building, she understands that effectively sealing the envelope that exists between apartments is not only critical for maximum energy efficiency, but it’s also key to ensuring high indoor air quality and limiting the migration of bugs, smoke, noise and other common tenant discomforts that can travel from one unit to another.

“For this reason, Benedict was not happy to learn that her latest project, a newly constructed 6-story apartment building on Manhattan’s upper west did not meet the passive house-levels of compartmental tightness targeted by her design. While the manual caulking applied by contractors got them close, it did not meet the industry’s highest standard. Now with plumbing, electrical and sheet rock installation finished, the building was nearing completion and further manual sealing was deemed impractical…..”

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