Homebuilders in Arizona have long been dealing with the extreme heat (Climate Zone 5), and searching for innovations to help them build better homes that are safer, more durable, and cost effective.

With AeroBarrier’s debut this year, many contractors are now able to cut their solar dependence down by as much as 70%, simply because they decided to use AeroBarrier.

In a recent article, AeroBarrier presented a case study to how one builder went from needing 48 solar panels to achieve net zero, down to only 14. With the solar alone, this comes in at a savings of $35,000. Add in other savings from things like spray foam and caulking, which are traditionally used to tighten a home, and the savings continue to rise.

The full case study looks at how two homes in Arizona with the following characteristics compare with each other:

  • Both houses are identical in location, design, and orientation
  • Location is Arizona (Climate Zone 5)
  • Size of the home is 1,900 square feet
  • This is new construction that meets minimum 2009 IECC requirements, or an estimated annual energy demand of 12,000 kWh, per the average U.S. home
  • No swimming pool
  • No extra budget expenditures required for reduction in solar panels
  • No changes to structure/orientation
  • No schedule delays

House “A” Requires 48 solar panels for Zero Energy and House “B” requires 14 solar panels for zero energy.

This is a difference of 34 panels or an estimated cost of $35,000.

To continue to read the full case study, Click Here to visit AeroBarrier’s website.